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NDC launched its first ever Research Journal

News | July 14, 2023


Being highest seat of military education in the country and after being inauguration, first ever Research Journal of 2022 was launched today parallel to dinners club of the college. The event was headed by the Chairman University Grants Commission (UGC) Senior Professor Sampath Amaratunge. This momentous event was attended by Scholars from various universities, former Commandant, Secretaries, Senior Directing Staff (SDS) members, Serving Senior Military Officers, members of editorial board, Course participants and permanent staff of NDC. The launch of the research Journal took place by the Chairmen UGC followed by Dinners Club lecture on "Business Fluctuations in Sri Lanka."

The Research Journal's launch signifies NDC's unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering intellectual discourse in defence and security studies. This significant milestone highlights the institution's dedication to academic excellence, with the added benefit of the UGC Chairman's insightful lecture, enriching the scholarly experience for all attendees.