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The National Defence College Inaugural Graduation Ceremony

News | Sep 14, 2022


The NDC Ceremonial Graduation of the first batch was held on 14 September 2022 at the NDC premises. Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe, Executive President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The President declared about the Indian Ocean regions’ influences and the strategic position of the Hambantota Port in addition to the importance of the non-alliance policy, especially from Super Powers in his address.

Along with the Chief Guest, the State Minister to the Ministry of Defence and a member of Parliament Hon. Pramitha Bandara Thennakoon, the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, Foreign High Commissioners, Ambassadors, Attaches, Commanders of the Tri-Force, and Prominent Invitees who represented both local and foreign Forces together with Distinguished Academia added more colour and glamour to the occasion.

When incumbent president Honourable Ranil Wickramasinghe held the seat of Prime Minister, the government approved the establishment of a NDC in the year 2016. In the wake of the colourful inauguration of the NDC, 31 participants joined the college on 12 November 2021 to commence their academic journey. With fruitful significance, its main objective now had reached a successful conclusion. As a result of all the hard work, dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm had paid off the Student Officers; all were eligible to obtain the ‘National Defence Course’ ndc an acronym, behind their names after this successful completion of the course. Four special awards were made for each service and the Police by the President at the Ceremony.

These awards were designated to recognize the most outstanding officer of each service and Police who has excelled in academics with vital analytical skills and demonstrated ability to perform, achieve, and excelled in scholastic approach throughout the eight modules spread over 2 semesters, while performing leadership roles with self-confidence, persistence and comradeship skills. Officers are evaluated on common criteria in both qualitative and quantitative facets to establish the order of merit within the service and discern the outstanding Officers of that service.

Special award of the Army -

1. Most outstanding Course Participant of the army was awarded to Brigadier WASR Wijedasa WWV RSP USP ndc psc MHRM MAS LISC PG Dip in HRM Dip in Diplomacy

Special award of the Navy -

1. Most outstanding Course Participant of the Navy was awarded to Rear Admiral BAKSP Banagoda RSP USP ndc psc MMaritimePol MBA in HRM PG Dip in HRM BMS Dip in Mgt AFNI

Special award of the Air Force -

1. Most outstanding Course Participant of the Air Force was awarded to Air Commodore PN De Costa USP ndc MBA in HRM MHRM Dip in Mgt

Special award of the Police -

1. Most outstanding Course Participant of the Police was awarded to Senior Superintendent of Police EMGJ Seram ndc MA (Crim) BA (Special) PGD (Crim)Dip (Crim) Dip (Eng) Dip (Soco)

The National Security and Strategic Studies course is a multi-disciplinary learning platform tailored to suit the objectives of the state. A total of 8 study modules spread over 2 semesters, each module is developed considering the formulation of strategic options for decision-making with respect to current national, regional and global issues or scenarios that affect national security and policy. The institute especially conditions the enhancement of the careers in the fields of security by guiding individuals towards Masters or MPhil degrees affiliated to General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka.

As a part of the course curriculum of the NDC, the course participants were taken on various research visits to respective military and service headquarters, industrial sector, services sector, historical sites and economic hubs in Sri Lanka to provide better exposure and relate the 'ground realities' with issues discussed in the respective study modules.

Through the inaugural NDC Research Symposium held on 17th August 2022, course participants were able to enhance their knowledge in many aspects such as research, intellectual, analytical and strategic perspectives related to the discipline of National Security and Strategic Studies. Further, to enhance research culture at policy-making level, National Defence College has stepped to have an NDC Research Journal publication consisting of scholarly articles in the field of security and development. In addition to that,” Year Book” the publication about the NDC Course No.01 was presented to the President on the occasion by the Editorial Committee which consisted of Course Participants.

The National Defence College will usher in a new era of defence professionalism and foster inter-institutional synergy among future policy-makers who can collectively contribute to achieve the national security objectives of the country.

The Commandant with his staff wishes to congratulate the graduated officers, their families and well-wishers who helped maintain the dignity and decorum of that momentous occasion.

Read the President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s full speech at the graduation ceremony of the National Defence College on 14th September, 2022

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