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National Defence College Crest

  • Seven features categorically indicated in the crest of the National Defence College Sri Lanka. They are to describe specific meanings as given below:

    Blue Water Lilly

    The National Flower of Sri Lanka. The plant grows on clear as well as muddy ponds, yet the flower blooms above the surface with equal beauty and scent irrespective of the medium in which it grows, does not acquire the character of the medium, nor accumulate any dirt. It remains pure and beautiful irrespective of external factors. Therefore, Blue Water Lilly petals around the shield identifies the purity and ability of the college to produce future leaders who can stand above-board and drive the nation towards prosperity irrespective of where they come from. The 25 petals represent 25 administrative districts of Sri Lanka

  • Ancient Shield

    The shield represents defence and security from any external or internal threat which is the combined responsibility of not only the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Police, but also of all ministries and departments of the government as well as every citizen of the country. Therefore, the Bronze Shield identifies the defence and security of the nation and its territorial integrity. The nine (9) tags on the shield represent the nine (9) provinces of Sri Lanka. The colour ''bronze'' represents the ancient history and survival of the nation.

    National Emblem

    Represents Sri Lanka as a Representative Democracy as clearly enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic. The National Emblem placed at the crown of the logo. It represents that the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as a free and independent state with representative democracy at its core. The college holds national values as supreme and serves towards preparing leaders and decision-makers towards realizing them.

    Two Sheaves of Paddy

    Prosperity and well-being of the nation in all social as well as economic aspects. Placement of them upon the shield denotes the college commitment towards achieving and sustaining prosperity with resilience.

    Lamp (in the center)

    Shedding of Ignorance and attaining of Wisdom with positivity and goodness. This wisdom the college contributes to generate among leaders and decision-makers will pave the way for prosperity with resilience.

    The Scroll (placed below the shield)

    It carries the motto of the college “Wisdom Prosperity Resilience" displaying the vision and objectives of the college in a nutshell.

    The Scroll (placed on the shield)

    It carries the words “National Defence College” introducing the college to everyone.