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Message of the Commandant

  • John

    Major General
    Maj Gen DGS Senarath Yapa RWP RSP ndu


  • Welcome to
    National Defence College

    The National Defence College (NDC) Sri Lanka which is inaugurated in 2021 is among the newest institutions in this field and established in par with other regional and global higher defence education institutions. Therefore, we at NDC believe and are determined in building a center of excellence and a legacy in the time to come.

    The term 'security' has become a buzzword in the current discourse both within and between states. However, as the security environment is becoming extremely volatile, uncertain and fragile, policy-makers need to have at their disposal a long term perspective, so that they could foresee beyond the immediate future to make inclusive and impactful policy decisions in the best interest of the country. The establishment of the National Defence College has therefore been a long-felt national need for developing future policy-makers in the realm of national security, statecraft, governance, diplomacy and international security. The NDC will contribute to strengthening the national security mechanisms in the country through collective intellectual endeavours.

    The NDC within its mandate seeks to contribute to transforming our future leaders into confident, agile and responsible decision-makers to meet the aspiration of the people. Defence education provides a key perspective in ensuring that our senior military and civilian officers have the skills necessary to deal with uncertainties and security dilemmas in their profession. The NDC has organized itself to deliver realistic and focused strategic education consonant with Sri Lanka's national and international security concerns.

    A conducive security environment is indispensable to drive national development. Intellectual investment in our future Generals, Admirals, and Marshals along with their civil counterparts would immensely benefit if strategic synergy is harnessed at the highest level to reap national objectives. Further, the provision of educational opportunities for officers from other countries would also provide dynamic integration in a multinational strategic environment and diversify the strategic understanding. The curriculum and structured exposure at the NDC would create an intellectually stimulating environment to express and share insights on diversified security narratives. The NDC will also host a range of eminent foreign and local speakers who could inspire course participants to generate ideas invaluable to the nation.

    The NDC upholds its highest ethos, pathos and logos to become the "epitome of the strategic wisdom" of the nation by relentlessly pursuing excellence at all times on the ideals of 'Wisdom - Prosperity - Resilience'.

    Wish you an intellectually inspiring virtual tour of National Defence College, Sri Lanka.

    Major General DGS Senarath Yapa RWP, RSP, ndu